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    New Members Special Trial -- First 3 orders $0 Service Fee
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    2017-12-28 14:49:40
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    Members who register from 1/1-1/31 will enjoy the first 3 orders $0 Service Fee. (both Bidding and Buying) ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ

    1.Fill in the form to tell us your order number. 

    2.Every order we will refund the service fees every Friday night, 6:00 pm. (GMT+8)

    Easy for team buying! (ノ>ω<)ノ

    You+ Your friend= 6 times $0 service fee. More friends, more discount! 

    See? What a great deal! 

    Hurry to invite your families and friends to team buying (ノ∀`*)(ノ∀`*)(ノ∀`*)

    Remember, 1 new member only has 3 times $0 service fee orders. 


    1.      Make sure you registered within << 2018/1/1(Mon.) – 1/31 (Wed.) (JPT)>>

    2.      Leave your correct order information in Google form.

    【Terms and Conditions】

    1.     Participants should agree with all terms and conditions of MYJAPAN policy.

    2.     After the order is being placed, as a result of non-defective product(s) and demand exchange/return the product(s), will not be able to enjoy the original discounts.

    3.     Tickets commodities, sellers bargaining, pre-order products... etc., are not applicable to this offer, and cannot be simultaneously shared with other promotional events.

    4.     If the order is unable to send out or being postponed till the promotion is finished, MYJAPAN will NOT provide the same discount to customers when it is resulted from incorrect/lack of information which is filled by the member or out of stock which is caused by merchant instead of MYJAPAN’s service.

    5.     If participants’ registered information is delaying, missing, mistaking or destroyed by any error(s) of a computer, internet, phone or technique issue that is not being made by MYJAPAN, MYJAPAN is not responsible for the result(s).

    6.     MYJAPAN keeps the right to change event details, prize or time; MYJAPAN also keeps the right to determinate the event.